• Tier One

    Here, inside the Confidence Cove, you can engage with like-minded individuals from every industry. By tapping into this resource of individuals who've been there and done that, you'll learn the latest techniques, algorithms, engagement methods and more . There are three tiers to this amazing group, but for now...tier one is the place for EVERYONE to discuss their challenges, get feedback, learn tools to handle common entrepreneurial challenges without judgement or shame. We all know what it's like to get started, fail, start over, and/or need a rebrand. You're not alone and will never be left to sort it out by yourself. The best part is this is an advertising FREE zone ( There will be designated days to share your information). The goal of this group is to build community and support, not sell your product or service. This is a shared journal as well. Use it to voice concerns you have for your business, excitement you have for a success, or pose questions to others to help you grow.

  • Tier Two

    Tier two is the TESTING tier. This is an industry exclusive tier dedicated to those testing new products/services. If you've got an online program you want to beta, or you have an idea you'd like advice on, this is the place to do it. For a small fee, you will become the only one from your industry in this tier and can request assistance from others in the group to help you fill your beta with qualified individuals to help you test. In tier two, you will also have access to the forum where ideas, suggestions, and constructive criticism is available to help with your business growth.

  • Tier Three

    This is the Affiliate Tier. Once your Beta is complete and you're ready to go to market, this is the perfect tier to select affiliates who believe in your product to help you sell it. Once in this tier, you are among partners & collaborators.