• "Girl, you are helping me in so many ways! I know one.... that needs to hire you. My goal is to get you at least 2 more clients this month!"
    Kimberly N.
  • "When I relaunched my virtual assistant business 5 months ago, I had the great fortune to meet Andrea Patrick. My business has grown 60% since my first session with her. She has actually introduced me to myself. I am more confident in myself and my abilities. I’m comfortable saying “no” to opportunities that may not benefit me or my business. She really knows what she is doing and I HIGHLY recommend working with her!"
    Kim C.
  • "Andrea has provided excellent service at our Women's Conferences. Her presentations on 'signature looks' and 'your style advertisement' were awesome. Her style sense, creativity, professionalism, and personable style sets the stage for productive, enjoyable sessions. She is great at what she does and I recommend anyone to welcome her services - You will be pleased!"
    Beverly H.
  • "Andrea impressed me thoroughly when she developed a marketing plan for my insurance agency, the Coleman Insurance Group. I was impressed by the wealth of knowledge and understanding that she displayed in an industry that is not easily understood by the average person. She developed a marketing plan that hit all of the key areas that I wished to develop into, I would recommend her to any of my business associates."
    Tommie C.
  • We will analyze the current state of your brand.

  • We will identify areas in which you can change the way you currently share your brand.

  • We will develop a strategy that uses your newly personified brand to improve future campaigns.