What You'll Gain From This Workshop:

  • Specificity

    This ISN'T a vision board party. It's workshop to get clear about the purpose of your goals, and devise a plan for actually achieving those goals in a specific period of time.

  • Community

    Scrap the imposter syndrome & negative tapes playing in your head during this workshop! In this community, ONLY motivation, inspiration, and encouragement is happening. Feed off of the energy of others to nail down a strategy for the new year.

  • Mindset

    With clarity, comes certainty. A change in thinking and behavior could mean the difference in the success OR failure of your outcomes. The perspectives of others could be the mirror that shows you a better reflection. You'll be amazed by the mindset shifts that catapult you into meeting your goals

This online workshop is for those who are tired of choosing pictures to paste on a board and want to add some intention and purpose to the vision they have for their life and business.

During this workshop, we will carve out an ACTUAL path to achieved your goals.

As you know, there's a lot that goes into successfully meeting your goals, but nothing worth having comes without effort and a little bit of an investment.

Are you ready to get focused?

***A workbook will be delivered the day before the event***


Let Me Help You Get Focused!!

Let Me Help You Get Focused!!